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Some words about us

African Americans have faced many challenges, that relate to the economic growth and development of our collective communities throughout America. However, today, despite allof our many attempts to address these challenging disparities, we still remain at the very bottom of every quality-of-life statistically on record in America.
The African American Connection (AAC) is the culmination of more than 25 years of meticulous research and capital investment, which has resulted in the most comprehensive solution ever created “by us and for us.” The AAC is the most effective configuration, found anywhere, that will allow us, as African Americans, to consolidate theenormous$1.6Trillion and growing dollars, income revenue attributed to the current purchasing power that we possess throughout our African American ethnicity.Our AAC internet based platform is a first of its kind, one stop,turn key, online domain, that contains an AAC Member Merchant Shopping Center that is directly connected to a real business opportunity platform, and supported by an amazing AAC Marketplace and completes the shopping experience through our AAC Classified section,there by combining and facilitating a unique multiple shoppingand selling experience system,within a niche concept, which also embodies a personalized business opportunity for the citizens of our collective communities, who may either find themselves technologically challenged, or maybeperhaps for those who are just seeking to generate a supplemental source of income.
You may find the beforementioned statement to be a little braggadocious. However, the AAC platform is not subjected to just theory or promises! It has been purposefully and intentionally designed and built, specifically during the early research and development stages, with the private fundingand without seeking any capital infusion from any outside sources or even the citizens for whom the AAC is intended to serve,all completely verifiable. The AAC was built upon meeting the socio-economic needs and challenges disproportionally facing African Americans.
Whether your choice is shopping, as mentioned above, or perhaps just seeking a real business opportunity,you will find both choices distinctly available within the AAC business opportunity platform. Our business opportunities come with various website solutions, ranging from a fully functional website, located in our AAC Enrollment Center to quick income generating solutions, which we have engineered within our “AAC Marketplace” and “AAC Classified” sections. Our “Enrollment Center” is the centerpiece of the AAC comprehensive online shopping and business opportunity gateway. We have painstakingly engineered each enterprising category with the exact technologies necessary for that category to successfully and efficiently market products and provide the highest standards of customer service. We invite you to visit our “Enrollment Center” where we will provide you with a fully functional “Demo” of each of the various enterprises of your choice, such as: New Startup Businesses – created to increase new business enterprises throughout our communities Professional Services – created to consolidate our professional community e.g., doctors, lawyer, dentist or any other professional service entity or individual requiring a video communication with their clients. Commission Sales– created to return those earned commissioned dollarsback into our community through those wholive within and serve in the best interest of, and for thecontinued sustainment of economic development, growth and prosperity within and among citizens of our collective communities. Existing Websites– created to allow existing African American online websites a fertile environment for growing their existing online business presence. Brick-n-Mortar Enterprises– created to consolidate and grow our existing ‘brick-n-mortar’ businesses.
You will also discover that all, of our AAC websites, located on our “Enrollment Center” page come with the ability to display and market your website, goods or services, within the AAC online marketing domain, as well as they have the unique ability to present themselves as a stand-alone website on the world wide web, with absolutely no visible connection to the AAC web domain. This is another unique solution that we have incorporated into the AAC business platform, as a means of further overcoming some of the deceptive discriminatory practices found within the general marketplace.We encourage you to sign up for one of our online webinars to learn more about our “dual marketing technology” plus our amazing “profit sharing”initiative for those within our AAC Member Merchant Program. Learn more by following this link, to sign up for the next webinar: Although the African American Connection is specifically created to meet the economic needs of the citizens of African American ethnicity, we also, however, have an enrollment opportunity for Non-African American Corporations who value and wish to support the mission and vision of the AAC.
COMMUNITY BASED INSTITUTIONS: i.e., churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, fraternities, sororities, non-profits, for profits or any community based civic group or organization. However, our AAC marketing strategy is directly and particularly structured to be of immenseeconomic benefit to our time-honoredcommunity-based institutions. Our “Community Based Institution (CBI)” marketing program, offers our community-based groups or organizations with a free website, along with the option for our highly skilled web developers to build your webstore for you, (if needed) at the extremely low price of only$50 USD. Also, the CBI program is designed to produce a viable, realistic, and attainable revenue stream for the CBI. When your groupsigns up 300 businesses, as listed on our “Enrollment Center” page,you will earn $2,385 per month for your group or organization,which amounts to$28,620 per year…500 earns $47,700…1000 earns $95,400 and so on, for our community-based group or organization, while simultaneously providing a real income opportunity for your members. Learn more by accessing and perusing our digital “AAC CBI Flipbook or sign up for an online webinar that’s conducted right over your computer, within the convenience, comfort and safety of your home or office by clicking here: Finally, alongside of our comprehensive shopping and vast business opportunities,you will also discover that the AAC is the most viable, as well as the most sustainable, economic solution ever created “for us and by us” and offers the most promising segue into our economic future through our enterprising “AAC Youth Entrepreneurial Program”. This is a fantastic program for training our younger generations, by exposing them to the greater aspects of business enterprising ideals and practical applications, thus stimulating and raising their consciousness towards entrepreneurship and the great benefits and possibilities of self-employment. In fact, you will find that the AAC has the only enterprising economic program,which is not only transferrable to our next generation, but will more importantly provide them with an evolving, transformational financial opportunity sustainable throughout their entire life! These are our claims of the benefit and value of the AAC to African Americans. Therefore, we invite you to Take-A-Tour of this marvelous AAC domain and business development and shopping platform initiative, and discover for yourself, a whole new world of “real” economic and financial freedom!